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Parenthetical Blog Post Guidelines

We are so grateful to all of our guest contributors to the Parenthetical site. Parents are enriched by hearing varied expertise and approaches. Here are a few simple guidelines to help you as you create your guest post.

  • Blog posts are relatively short, approximately 500-600 words or about 1 to 1.5 pages long.
  • While the basis is high quality information, we strive to keep the tone of our blogs upbeat, encouraging, interesting and fun to read.  Feel free to include stories, examples, illustrations and/or humor.
  • If you have a chart, poll, or something that might fit into a sidebar or textbox, let us know and we’ll explore how to integrate it into the post.
  • One way to encourage online discussion of your piece is to pose a couple of questions at the end.
  • Don’t worry if your draft of your post is a little long or the wording is not perfect. We have three editors that will do revisions and return the finalized version to you for your final approval.
  • Along with every post, we need you to provide a very brief biographical statement of approximately three to four sentences and a photo. We will include this statement beneath your post so that readers can identify the author.
  • We include a visual element in every post such as a photograph, clip art, a cartoon or video. You are welcome to provide something or we are happy to find this element for you. Please keep in mind that we can only post items whose copyright allows for open distribution. If you have a particular cartoon or picture in mind that may require payment for use, let us know. We have some resources to pay for such items and will investigate how to do so for you.
  • We try to maintain a queue of posts available for publication. Consequently, your post may not appear on the site immediately after it is completed. We will inform you the week that we are running your post so that you can watch for it.


Many thanks for sharing your time and talents.

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