Finding My Religion

By |July 3rd, 2018|

Auggie comes home one day from high school, walks through the door and […]

Tackling the Tough Topic of Pornography with Your Teen

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When I was growing up it was common for boys like myself to […]

Why Fathers Matter

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Over the last few decades fathers have become increasingly involved in the process […]

Winning the Rat Race: Why is parental self-care important?

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Parenthetical recommends you take care of yourself this month!
To help with this, we […]

The Diverging Paths of Parents and Teens

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We usually think of the teen years as a period of major changes […]

Fighting the fair fight: How to constructively disagree with your teen

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Occasional fights and disagreements with your teen are pretty much the norm for […]

Supporting Speaking Up: Helping Your Teen Self-Advocate

By |June 19th, 2017|

Previously, we’ve encouraged parents to promote youth self-advocacy when it comes to seeking […]

Choosing the Right Summer Plan

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In the last two posts in this series on Summer Choices for Teens, […]

Achieving Summer Goals

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Today we continue with a three-part series on summer choices for teens. Last week’s […]

Summer Choices for Teens

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Dreaming of summer? Parenthetical is too! Today’s article, a three-part series on summer choices […]