Saving for College: It’s Never too Soon to Start

By |April 2nd, 2018|

Most teens are as stressed about going to college as you are about […]

Parenting Procrastinators

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Protecting Your Teen from the National Alcohol Crisis

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Alcohol abuse and excessive consumption has been declared a national health problem by […]

Myths about Bullying

By |July 31st, 2017|


Bullying is certainly not new. Every generation has its trademark story or movie […]

Supporting Speaking Up: Helping Your Teen Self-Advocate

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Previously, we’ve encouraged parents to promote youth self-advocacy when it comes to seeking […]

Parent Policing: Helping your Teen Stay Safe Online

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Whether it’s a computer, smartphone, tablet or even an iPod, teens today have […]

Straight from the Teacher’s Mouth: How to support your kid’s learning

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Technology Resources Support Teens’ Learning

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We know that our teens will need skills like basic reading, arithmetic, and […]

Achieving Summer Goals

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Today we continue with a three-part series on summer choices for teens. Last week’s […]

Summer Choices for Teens

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Dreaming of summer? Parenthetical is too! Today’s article, a three-part series on summer choices […]