Parenting Skills





A website that works as a search institute resource for parents , including information on many relevant topics for parents, including a blog section.

A website created by Palo Alto Medical Center presents tips and guidelines for parenting tweens and teens.

A website created by A. Rae Simpson, PhD, who co-directs the MIT Work-Life Center, includes several resources addressing different types of information on parenting adolescents and teens.

 This link takes you to the Center’s 7-part series on communicating with your teen.


 Widely Admired book written by Dr. Anthony E. Wolf acts as a guide to parents of teens.

 A Book written by Dr. Laurence Steinberg derails the myth that parenting teens is a nightmare, and gives advice to raising adolescents and teens ages 10 to 25.

NPR radio story by Allison Aubrey presents data collected through surveying teens that exposes the role that different parenting styles can have in teenage drinking.

Huffington Post blog article by Kenneth Barish, Ph.D. Clinical Associate Professor of Psychology at Weill Medical College of Cornell University gives insight on how to avoid making common parenting mistakes when raising your children.

A video by Annie Zirkel, displays the “right” and “wrong” ways for parents to solve homework conflict with their teenager.

A parody video by What If Pictures, on living with teenagers.

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